Pandemics… war… inflation… global warming… so on and so forth… That’s what you see and hear everywhere, on TV and online… You’re in dire need of an escape!

            You decide to take a holiday in the mountains, in a village forgotten by the world, where even the electricity is missing. You leave your laptop and even your phone at home, as they would be useless anyway.

            After staying with a local family, you go for an evening walk to get to know the area. The cobbled streets were quiet, only a few people still wandered around the market, and the smell of freshly cooked food wafted through the air. The village was shrouded in a peaceful and charming atmosphere.

            A small antique shop catches your eye, and after glancing in the window at the dusty old items, you decide to enter. The doorbell catches the shopkeeper’s attention: an old man with long white hair, as long as his beard.

            -Did you find what you were looking for, son?

            Just wanting to look around, you tell him you’re not looking for anything in particular… The old man gets up slowly and pulls out a pocket watch from a wooden box. He hands it to you and says:

            -I think this watch will be useful to you while you are here. Put it in the moonlight to charge. Please return it to me before you go home.

            The old man’s gesture surprises you but you accept the gift and return to your hosts who are waiting for you with dinner. As you get ready for bed, you remember the old man’s instructions and put the clock on the windowsill where the moonlight streams into your room.

            Why did the old man give you the clock? What surprises and adventures await you tonight? And what will you learn from all this? You’ll only find out if you play!

150,00 lei

Game map

You can download and print the map or you can save it to your phone, you’ll need it during the game.

The adventure starts in front of  the Union Monument, Alba Carolina Citadel in Alba Iulia.

On the map each level in the game is numbered. The numbers are followed by underscores, they indicate the number of characters of the correct answer. The correct answer must be written without spaces and it’s not case sensitive. 


Urban Escape Game is an escape room-like game. The difference is that here you play outdoors, usually in the center or tourist area of ​​the city. Map and in-game clues help you discover tourist attractions while solving various fun puzzles and riddles.

Tourists, because it’s a fun way to discover the city’s points of interest.
Locals, because they will spend quality time and probably find out that they don’t know their city as well as they thought 🙂

From the moment you start the game, you have 48 hours to finish it.
Exactly for this reason you have 48 hours to complete the adventure.
Each game has a RESCUE CODE, so you can jump to the next level.
Each game has a rescue code, so if a point of interest is under renovation / covered / temporarily inaccessible, for reasons that were not predictable when the game was created, you can jump to the next level.
You can log in but you will not be able to play in parallel on multiple devices.

If you want to play the same game at the same time in more than one team, you need to buy the game for each team under a different account/email. 

No!  You need to play during the day to be able to find the right locations and see the clues that will help you give the right answers!

Although the experience is more fun with the printed map, the game also can be played without it. In this case, it will be necessary to save the map on your phone to be able to consult it, to have a paper and a pen to be able to solve the problems and to write down the answers, in some games you will need them at a later level.
NO! Each game form the same city is unique and has different objectives and/or games.